Telehospitalist Services in Post Acute Care

Experienced, board-certified doctors on-demand, who can provide residents with virtual medical evaluations in urgent and emergency situations. Our goal is treating medical conditions before they worsen, preventing unnecessary transfers with ambulance rides, waiting in emergency rooms, and extra expenses. Virtual medical exams will be performed “in-house” where patients can remain comfortable in a familiar environment. This service results in treating patients in-house 90% of the time.

Achieve Your Goals

With our unique scalable subscription model that fits easily into existing workflows, you can expect

TurnKey TeleMedicine

Tools and equipment included in service implementation. Direct 1:1 Audio video tools, reporting dashboards, and remote stethoscopes at every location we partner with.

Include Paging, Clinician to Nurse Video options, and Data Management.

Improve Five Star Ratings

Readmission Avoidance is key to moving the 5 star goals even hire. Our number one objective is being available so patients are not sent to the ER for consultations our providers can handle directly.

Partners win with access to hospitalists and effectively treating patients in place.

Coordination with PCP’s

We partner with your patients PCP’s to ensure patients are being treated without any gaps. Follow up with our teams and yours is always welcome and the best outcomes come from strong partners.

Consistent communication with Fident and PCP care plans.


Our board-certified physicians can manage almost any medical condition right at your facility. keeping patient and revenue in your facility.

The goal of treating in place using providers such as Hospitalist.


Each patient encounter is started with one click of a button. From here, our system records each step with the assigned clinicians on call. Tracking all outcomes creating daily transparency reports on our patient interactions. All reports can be generated with a push of a button.

DON, Admin to PCP get instant access to reports from the night before


Providers are available 24/7, Nights/Weekends/Holidays. This allows the Primary Care Provider the ability to work with us in a symbiotic relationship. One in which care is never out of reach of the patient/resident.

(Full 24 Hour Coverage also available)

Where it matters.

We help ensure the future of the nation’s elderly communities. Being the one who answers when they need care the most.


Used in over 300 Post Acute Locations Today

365 Days

Provider Coverage 24/7 – 365


The cost Savings on average for Readmission avoidance using Telehealth Hospitalists.