Care. Where it matters.

Fident is a virtual hospitalist provider dedicated to delivering high-quality telemedicine care in the rural communities of America.

We partner with small and community hospitals to augment their workflows, reduce costs, and build confidence and trust by working collaboratively with staff to deliver tele-hospitalist solutions customized to their local needs.  Our unique subscription model with reassigned billing rights allows hospitals to avoid unplanned provider | locums costs; freeing up resources to be used elsewhere in the community.

Through our technology platform and highly qualified and experienced hospitalist team, Fident is bringing the art of healing into the digital age with scalable solutions for inpatient care that are delivered locally – helping to ensure that the future of the nation’s small town hospitals and communities remains vibrant and viable.


Care. Where it matters

Dr. Denise Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Bill Giles
Chief Financial Officer

John Wyatt
Chief Revenue Officer