Fident Health: Your Virtual Hospitalist Partner for Rural and Suburban Communities2023-05-15T15:28:13+00:00

Critical Access/Rural Hospitalist

Through our technology platform and highly qualified and experienced hospitalist team, we partner with small and community hospitals to deliver scalable and customized care solutions that bridge resource gaps, augment workflows and reduce costs – helping to ensure the future of the nation’s small town hospitals and communities remains vibrant and viable. Your virtual hospitalist partner

Post-Acute Care

For SNFs and LTACs- we partner with your current on-site medical director to cover unplanned events, reduce return to hospital visits, improve staff retention.

Hospitalist Augmentation

Designed for small, community, or teaching hospitals, we are able to tailor customizable subscription-based solutions that can scale across multiple locations, lowering your cost-per-hour-per-clinician by over 50%, from traditional models. Our clinicians take over when your current service is capped and handle seamlessly all cross-cover issues and free up your clinicians’ time.

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